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Highlights High Five

Highlights High Five

Highlights High Five is the newest offering from the publisher of the nation’s #1 children’s magazine, Highlights for Children. Like its older sibling publication, Highlights High Five is founded on the belief that children are the world’s most important people, and helps set children firmly on the path to becoming curious, creative, caring, and confident individuals. Highlights High Five celebrates the early years of childhood – a time of discovery when learning happens at every turn. Our magazine is dedicated to helping parents, educators, and other caregivers nurture young children by: – encouraging a natural sense of wonder about the world; – promoting reasoning, problem solving, and creative self-expression; – fostering a love of language and a rich vocabulary; – and inspiring them to be kind, to get along with others, and to grow in self-confidence…for children are the world’s most important people.

Writer's Digest [Print + Kindle]

Writer's Digest [Print + Kindle]

For the writer at heart. Each issue focuses on the craft of writing, the tools and information for writing, and the markets for writing. Features examine how to write and sell magazine and newspaper articles, books, plays, poetry and scripts.


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